Thursday, 26 July 2012

Liberals Gone Wild

No, this isn’t about TheRealWTF in a wet T-shirt contest, this is something even wilder. A couple of days ago I was witness to a very impassioned tweet sermon by a very impassionate - I am not supposed to take names here, so we shall just call him Mr. Mehrumi.

Mr. Mehrumi is known for being a liberal voice among us backward folk, and his stances on minority rights are a particularly admirable trait. Imagine my surprise then that the moving tweets were actually directed against people taking up a minority cause.

Yes, those darned Rohingyas in Burma/Myanmar. They have not only caused much suffering there - to themselves, by existing - but also masterminded some serious turbulence in Pakistan. I don’t know what it exactly is, but the Pakistani liberalese don’t like them Burmese. I suspect it’s because of the rumoured Arab descent. Our liberals don’t take kindly to the Arabs, although they do take kindly to their American friends. Reasonable people.

So, Mr. Mehrumi didn't turn out to be the only wild one. In fact, there is plenty of outrage found amongst the Pakistani NGO running humanitarian community against the outrage against the persecution of Rohingyas. Geddit?

The liberals are angry that you give a shit about massacres in Burma. Yes.

That is not all. If you give a shit about the massacres in Burma, you are inherently bigoted AND you are against every minority cause inside Pakistan. Like Ahmedi persecution, the Shia killings, etc.

I am all for outrage, I really am, but I have got to point something out to our more enlightened brethren.

Here goes.

You are full of bullshit.

Allow me to explain.

Nobody made you the judge of my morality, or anyone else’s and nobody made you the "Thaykedaar" of our conscience. Speaking up for the cause of Muslims, and let’s face it that’s the only problem you have with all of this, does not make me insensitive to minority causes at home.

It certainly does not make it fit for you to say, or in any way imply, that I am against the cause of a Shia or an Ahmedi or a Baloch.

This “let’s call everyone out on selective outrage” thing that you have going, stop it.

Seriously. You avoid MENTIONING the daily Karachi killings by “secular” political parties, which is naked terrorism, as resolutely as Rehman Malik avoids making sense, and you have the audacity to call people out on selective outrage?

And what do you really do about the Ahmedis and the Shias of this country? They are under siege and you continue to support the PPP government which has simply turned its back on them. The Hazara MNA Syed Nasir Ali Shah staged a protest sit-in in front of Parliament House against the Government, and what do you do?

Clap when Zardari gives one meaningless statement after the other! Look up the meaning of shameless. Please.

Discuss at length the TDKR shooting and the freaking gun laws in America but talking about Rohingya massacres diverts attention from important causes? I mean. Wow. WOW.

I have to say.. Well I don’t. It won’t matter; I don’t have grants to hand out.

So. As I said. You are full of bullshit.


  1. Fantastic piece and good manipulation.

  2. Well done.Slap on the face of so called 'liberals'.

  3. Great blog, this hypocrisy of 'liberals' really makes my blood boil.

  4. I wish I could write like you, but I can't. mostly I am a silent observer on Twitter. I sense that there are cults, and liberal media especially, they belong together and have conformed opinions, they like to think in herds, much like the judges they abhor, and the PTI-wallas they detest. A former dawn editor can be sympathetic to a perpetually-tunn-anchor just because they resent the same party. I mean the only thing binding people is their resentment against common evil, can be ISI, PTI, Army, or common-folks. Ironically, they end being being what they hate, they have defined their identity as opposition to something, so it must continue for the sake of it, much like ISI/Army did against India, PTI did against N League.

    1. I don't have an expert opinion on this but Birds of a feather flock together. So. There certainly are common interests which lead to over the top support of some persons and silence on the antics of others. A certain obnoxious lawyer comes to mind. Kher. Try and speak up.

  5. Brilliant, as usual! But I have to ask... Are you getting bitter with age? It's a lot more fun when you're laughing at their hypocrisy instead of being angry at it. Keep smiling :-)

    1. Thank you sir. Lol. Dunno. Maybe got carried away this one time. I tried to keep it down though.

  6. "Brilliant" is all that can be "murmured" about this piece. (off course nobody wants to say it loud with the "Mehrumis" and "Paratas" around on Twitter :P). Already we are dubbed "Taliban Khans" by these REAL (plz don't read FAKE) Liberals.

  7. Aaala Neela!!

  8. Thank you everyone. so far. :D

  9. I disagree with you.

    1) we "liberals" care about OUR OWN SELF. own country before any other.
    bhallay the killings are being done in the middle east by a despot on his own people (SYRIA, BAHRAIN, YEMEN)
    or by the frikking Burmese, the Somalese, or whatever.
    FIX YOURSELF up before going out to the world as a champion of MUSLIM UMMAH...

    If your ACTUAL home is burning, and your friend says: "hey lets go and help the dooodh wala" and you do that, then you are in a sorry state of mind friend. NO SANE man will ever leave his own home on fire to go help his neighbor. thats how nature is, thats how LIFE is.

    2)how do you plan to bring about this revolution?
    the social revolution that came in Egypt, those people HAD access to facebook and twitter accounts. Rohingya, one of the poorest communities in the world, DO NOT have that access to facebook/twitter. How do you plan on getting this social revolution to reach them?
    Egyptians used facebook/twitter to hold rallies, protest, coordinate efforts and plan ahead. the Rohingya cannot. So how do these facebook rallies help the rohingya??

    3) what is the end game, what do you plan to achieve with this hullabaloo?
    You aim on getting the UN to interven in Burma?
    sorry, they wont. they havent intervened on ethnic cleansing in kashmir,
    cud not do it for the Kurds under Saddam,
    cud not do it in Syria nor bahrain NOR PALESTINE,
    had a horrid time in Dafur,
    they cannot do anything in Tibet under China.
    so what is the purpose of this campaign?
    time pass till the next big thing comes along??
    remember KONY 2012???
    it was a fad, a FASHION and it went away and something new came up.
    exact same is the Burma thing. a fashion....

    1. Dude. Relax, I have read NFP too.
      If you submit my article for forensic analysis, it shall be established beyond dispute that no where have I talked about the "MUSLIM UMMAH" or about a revolution using facebook and twitter.
      We "Liberals" should consider the people of karachi as our own too, and stop looking for showdowns with the Taliban on the internet. They are not here.

      And I am in no position to judge whether mass killings are a ruse or not. I believe we should speak up for something we perceive as an injustice.

    2. Shuweikh Haqqani27 July 2012 at 01:52

      You liberals ask "what can we do?" While Jamaat e Islami (fundamentalist extremists in liberalspeak) has already started fund raising for Burmuse Muslims.
      The "liberals" in Pakistan shouldve hung their heads in shame, when private sector NGOs like JAmaat ud Dawa's Falah-i-Insaniyat and Jamaat e Islami's Al Khidmat (you liberals are all about closing these organisation, because your American Gods are unhappy) did more social+relief work at the KPK and Sindh floods than they ever did. Secular liberals shouldve hung their heads in shame when the impoverished community in Gaza raised $17,000 for the Somalian famine.
      Let us see, where did Zardari donate recently? Oh yes, at the Sufi shrine in India. Only the shamless and lethargic ask what can we do. Men of God resort to action

  10. As being a member of the NGO/humanitarian community I would like to clarify that there are several organizations (international and Pakistani) that do not take American money on principle. And honestly, even those of my colleagues that do take American money are very critical about their policies (on an individual basis). Some had tried to quit their jobs when their (Pakistani) organization changed it's policy and decided to accept American funding - point being, it's a very complicated issue and people have tried to make a statement one way or the other.
    I do honestly think that a large majority of NGO-haters are just jealous of the better pay, better working hours and generally better working environment that the development sector often provides. And also, the kind of exposure you get in this sector makes you a little impatient/unforgiving of double standards - going on and on about the burmese (and hey, i feel pretty bad for them too) but denying and hiding our own problems just makes us hypocrites. Just a thought: Perhaps these so-called liberals are just calling a spade a spade and our hypocritical society doesn't want our dirty laundry being made public. So instead of thinking about the timing of the Burmese-atrocities-becoming-an-explosive-issue-in-Pakistan (i.e. right after PTA bans the shiakilling website), go on, focus on the Rohingyas' plight. Whatever helps you sleep at night :) Just remember, religion has been misused FAR too often in this country - learn from history at least! And not the history you find in textbooks, more like the Hamza Alavi type.
    P.S. I don't know any liberals or conservatives who are pro-PPP these days...I wonder where you found your sample of liberals....I thought it's mostly Sindhis who are still vocal about their support for PPP after all Zardari and Gilani have done :S

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Its not just a few Sindhis, its a whole cult of PPP and closet PPP supporters that have hijacked liberalism in Pakistan.

    3. As I said in the blog, I don't want to name names here. What I read in the newspapers from people linked with NGOs, more often than not toes the american line.
      I am indeed jealous of people working for NGOs because they make better money, but I don't base my opinions on that.

      The so-called liberals you and I refer to are also part of this hypocritical society. And I have given just one of many examples, with the Karachi situation, of their deafening silence on many issues.
      Even when they make noise, it is not directed at relevant quarters. Again in the article above.

      I do not believe I have to prove my commitment to any cause to anyone, and when people question that based on one's stance on a completely different issue, it irks you.
      Pakistan is not divided into liberals and religious nutjobs, but the former group insists on believing that it is. I have the right to disagree with a liberals point of view on anything, that does not make me a mullah or anti-Ahmedi.
      Yes, the textbooks lie. Everyone keeps pointing that out. But they lie about stuff neither side would be happy to see coming to light.

    4. I think you might enjoy this article :)

  11. Alla ali yr ya blog wegra main nai parta , your z waqai gd work keep it up yr

  12. Dear all - Agreement and disagreement is your basic right on any statement or point of view but using hatered and unethic wording about nay personality reflect nothing more than your own cheapness and state of mind. Kindly take care of ethics while criticising any one point of veiw. Thanks.

  13. @Ali Awesome:

    you were not the target of my words earlier.
    The Pakistani youth was. Pakistani youth lives in a dream world of hyped-up imaginary scenarios, the ZAID HAMID-style beliefs that Pakistan is a gift to the Muslim Ummah, the last bastion of islam against the WEST, etc etc....
    and all this some how links to the freemason, Illuminati, Rothschild, Zionist conspiracy to rule the world....
    thats the frikking world PAKISTANI youth lives in.
    Loves to talk about...
    have a a lot of smoke and noise like blank bullets but not much effect:
    "Hum Dehli par Pakistan ka jhanda lagayingay"
    thats the world we live in. Champions of islam.

    this Rohingya business is the same thing.
    no relation to them, our own country is in the shitter, but lets campaign to help them for 3 weeks!!
    this PSYCHOLOGY of pakistanis, that was what i was attacking.

    1. No its not. People give Zaid Hamid too much credit. Simple.
      He is like this bogey man the left keeps fighting, on their own.
      Anyhow, I just cannot see how people can criticize someone for speaking on what is basically a humanitarian cause. If you don't think its worth the hassle, don't join in. Peace achieved.

    2. I fail to understand why people in Pakistan are so much critical of Zaid Hamid. You know I am from Indian Occupied Kashmir, I hve lived in different INdian states and let me tell you all, every INdian is more of like Zaid Hamid in their own respect. When you discuss things with them, you will see how fanaticism blinds them atleast I dont see fanaticism in Zaid Hamid. All Indian support people like him in their country but if likes of him are somewhere else, they propaganda machinery starts heating up against them. And unfortunately you fall prey to that.

    3. The man (Zaid Hamid) is a joker yaar! He is SUCHHH a clown!

    4. @ikramilluminati
      what a load bullshit.
      indians are least bit interested in capturing pakistan or taking over islamabad. we just dont want to be bothered, really.

      and in india, hindus and muslims get along very well, thank you.

  14. REMEMBER KONY 2012 ???

    this burma thing is the frikking SAME deal.
    KONY 2012 turned out to be a marketing gimmick and it blew up on youtube, became big, every body talked about it, and then it was gone. out of fashion. obsolete. the same is this burma thing.

  15. Great article.. a good slap on the face of these fake liberals. Imran khan is so right, they are not liberals, they are the scum of this country. They are american chiwawas. I dont see any difference between these liberals, and the extremists who blow themselves up.

  16. No gali galoch pliss. Only I am allowed to that :P

    1. TTP is angry about muslims killing in burma , so wait and see what are they upto i say let them go so they can kill each other and problem is solved for both pakistan and burma be positive and make sure to post in foavour of TTP to declare jihad against monks through facebook and twitter as they have their accounts on every social network..........

  17. thumbs up to your article with all my heart! If the Pakistani youth lives in an imaginary world then so do the pseudo intellectuals of this country. We just cant take in everything they say in the name of enlightenment of our souls with new found knowledge about our religion, country etc! good work!

  18. Dear one, I'm not aware what kind of liberals you have been hanging out with but being one myself I'd like to divert your attention towards the fact that this Burma issue has been very confusing since the beginning, there have been lot of different stories and opinions and at one point it was clearly believed that any such thing is certainly not happening in Burma until the recent Amnesty report. At this point humanitarian organizations are still not aware of what is ACTUALLY going on inside the no-go zone but things are getting somewhat clearer and there's definitely a threat to Muslims of a particular caste there.
    Any human killing is to be condemned equally regardless of religion or ethnicity. You might find many liberals who are affiliated with particular organizations maintaining disturbing silence over the scenario but your judgment of them is really you judging their organization's policy. Being just another common citizen AND an atheist liberal who is not affiliated with any organization,I fully condemn the massacre of Muslims in Burma and I would urge humanitarian organizations to intervene and make life possible for Burmese Muslims.
    I also want you to understand that my or your opinion of somebody if negative does not mean that we get the right to shun them for all eternity and wish for their horrific death. I can see you are not very fond of liberals just like some liberals might not be very fond of Arabs. But I would expect any person in their right mind to speak out and condemn whenever a human life is lost at the hands of another human.
    That being said, I would like to ask what have we done for all the killings in our own country? Absolutely nothing. I'll tell you why's that. Because we self-righteous Pakistanis have made it about religion when it should have been about the country. When I say I condemn the killings of the Burmese Muslims It does NOT mean that I will also support of the idea of taking them in as refugees. I mean man I'm genuinely sorry about their loss and misery but honestly,my country have had it's share of refugees and definitely can't afford any more. And that is the whole point. You can either agree or disagree but in any case I seek no further argument.

    Pony Stark.

  19. TTP is angry about muslims killing in burma , so wait and see what are they upto i say let them go so they can kill each other and problem is solved for both pakistan and burma be positive and make sure to post in foavour of TTP to declare jihad against monks through facebook and twitter as they have their accounts on every social network..........

  20. Shuweikh Haqqani27 July 2012 at 02:36

    "In fact, there is plenty of outrage found amongst the Pakistani NGO running humanitarian community"
    I find this to be inaccurate. The biggest Pakistani NGO Al Khidmat (the widest network and most projects) is not outraged at the coverage the Burma massacre is getting. In fact, they have started a fund raising campaign for the Burmese.
    The only people who are pissed off about the attention this is recieving are the secular "liberal" elitist activists, who tweet endlessly from their living rooms

  21. Good piece of writing, and I'm in complete agreement.

  22. Great piece of work. You stole the words from my mouth . Bravo man and well done !

  23. Meh-Rumi did read your post. Called you an idiot and is really in a bad mood. While you carry on in your self-righteous mode, oblivious of any financial compulsions, people do have to pick side to just stay afloat. Mehrumi has chosen a certain life which comes with its social compulsions. Man though a social animal has to hunt in groups. Mehrumi can't go against a narrative which gets defined in a certain sphere.

  24. @shuweikh Haqqani:

    You say Jamat-e-islami has taken out fund raisers and rallies for Burmese victims.

    Tell me, what has JI done for 15ooo missing Pakistanis?
    what has JI done for massacre of so many minorities in pakistan?

    If i remember correctly, Jamat-e-islami offered to pay a stunningly stupid amount of money for the gun of the murderer of Salman taseer. Thats how JI treats those who stand up for minorities.

    Secondly, MOST of this rallying is pure bullshit political propaganda.
    JI has taken out such "fundraisers" for previous causes too, can you please tell me what happened to that fund?
    who got it and how was it put to good use?
    the fund raisers for Afia Siddiqui, Balochistan etc etc. where did it all go?

    so please, cut to the chase.
    Its election year in pakistan.
    MWM, PTI, MQM, JI all have taken out rallies for the burmese.
    this is all election politics. nothing more.
    gather public support. PERIOD

  25. I am impressed.

  26. Very interesting read, a bit humorous though! Overall am in agreement with you here dude, especially regarding your take on our pseudo-intellectual brigade (or if you may, the "liberal" wannabes of our "apple" republic ;)) "enlightening" us time & again with their self-righteous sermons! :) Just a li'l "reproof" if I bring down the anger factor a notch next time around, will ya mate! :) Ciao!

  27. As Salam Elekum wr wb,
    Alhamdulilah good to see more people working against pseudo-liberals.. We some kind forum or group online against these wannabe atheists /seculars like NFP, loons of ET and other.
    Here is my blog on refutation of open promotion of Homosexuality by express tribune: