Wednesday, 9 May 2012

LUMS Personal Statement

Yes, so I had promised people I would put up my LUMS Personal Statement up here.

I just came back from LUMS, and this is what got me the interview call for their MBA programme. Once you go through it, you will understand when I tell you that it was the most awkward interview ever.

Note: Only part of application up here.

What are your three most important achievements to date? Why do you consider them important?


1. Well, there was this girl in college. Seriously HOT. I made out with her! WIN :D

2. I once marked my attendance from outside of the window in the class of my Head of Department. Didn't get caught. Was.So.Cool.

3. Ate 18 slices of Pizza a few Ramadan’s ago at Pizza Hut Ramadan Iftari Offer. 18.


1. Making out with the hot girl wasn’t easy. She was probably the most sought after girl in college, so to get to her I had to fight off competition from a whole host of other guys. Even some who, hard to believe, were better looking than me. It didn’t help that the girls and boys sections were separate, so I had to devise all kinds of schemes just to get to talk to her.

The experience told me I could face up to competition and achieve the goals I set for myself, even if I wasn’t the best equipped for the task. It was also a test of my resourcefulness and I like to believe that I passed.

2. Marking the attendance from the window was just sick. The HOD was very infamous for his abhorrence of proxies, as well as for anyone he caught being cheeky. So this was a big deal, especially considering he had taken disciplinary action against two seniors just a few days back. His classes though really were torture, so this had to be done.

What it represented for me was the ability to keep my composure, an inclination for taking risks and three stars at handling high pressure situations.

3. Eating 18 slices is quite a feat. If you have ever been to Pizza Hut during Ramazan you would know that the quality goes down, and after the first hour and a half the waiters really start hounding you to get up and leave.

This was about valuing your money. It was about accepting a challenge and showing the resiliency to see it through. The initial bet was 16 slices, the fact that I went to 18 told me I could push myself further and shouldn’t let pre-set boundaries confine me and my ambitions.

Why do you want a graduate degree from LUMS? How will you benefit from the programme you wish to attend at LUMS?

1. Money. Basically. I have heard that people with a LUMS degree earn shitloads of money. So. Yea.

2. The “Mahol” at LUMS is awesome.


You get the idea.


  1. U Know what? After this they must have unanimously agreed U are a prick but they might let u in just to see How Big of a prick you are :-)

  2. So much win. Always wanted to pull off something like this for an essay

  3. OMG !!! Seriously, man if this didn't get you in to LUMS.. Then screw you. You're a perfect candidate.. Asshole :p.. Seriously man. Now I can understand why the guy asked you that "were you drunk!" Lol.

  4. Hey Ali Awesome,

    I linked to your blog post in an article on my website. Here's the post

  5. Hahahahaha I think it was a good risk you took, all things considered. I hope they think so too! I want to still be your friend when you get to those shitloads of money!

  6. PakistanUnited10 May 2012 at 18:38

    You Deserve An Honorary Degree Of Doctorate :)


  7. You did this for real? (Y)

  8. u be a freaking ASS!...a) she WASNOT hot. ALSO had serious oral hygine issues (contaminated u forever man), b) HOD was half blind :p..too much of a SHAAYER....c) watever u can HOG man!

  9. I feel like people are seriously undervaluing how hard it is to eat 18 slices of pizza. When I'm stoned as shit, I can stuff 5 into my mouth. I do not value my money as you do, and my Hebrew roots are embarrassed. You my man, are a hero.

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed the read.would have loved to do something like this to show then I didn't give a fuck but problem is I did :-)

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed the read.would have loved to do something like this to show then I didn't give a fuck but problem is I did :-)

  12. hands down. pure awesomeness haha ! :D

  13. FAHAD mAQSOOD2 May 2013 at 14:38

    excellleeeeennnnnntt jANABBBBBBBBBBBBBB

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